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We are offering you commercial cleaning services. Whether you have a small or big corporate office or home, if you are conscious about their deep cleaning, “Vai Vai cleaning” is here to help you.

We provide restaurants, industrial cleaning services, or even your office and house cleaning services at a reasonable cost. We are experts in all sorts of cleaning, especially floor, glass, carpet, sofa, and kitchen.

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Residential Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Customized Cleaning

Our professionals will perform diagnostic tests. All Dust cleaning services.


Best Services

Best quality and time-efficient cleaning service with advanced cleaning machines.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality service with proper hygiene maintenance for your corporate offices and homes.

On Demand Service

Contact us via phone or the website. Choose the service and book a schedule according to your choice of time.

Our Services

Home Cleaning

Excellent quality and time-efficient home cleaning service.

Kitchen Cleaning

Quality kitchen cleaning service. Maintain proper hygiene and health safety.

Washroom Cleaning

Safe and harmful chemical-free Washroom cleaning.

Pest Control Service

Safe and harmful chemical-free Washroom cleaning.

Refrigerator Cleaning

We provide trained and professional refrigerator cleaning experts to ensure quality service.

Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet cleaning service with advanced cleaning machines .

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