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Bathroom Cleaning Service In Dhaka

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In this modern civilization, a bathroom is a must need for every house or any other residence. To respond to the nature call and keep ourselves fresh, it is an essential part of our home. But, an unhygienic and unclean toilet or washroom is so much irritating to all of us. If you don’t clean your bathroom and toilet regularly, bad malodor can rise yet. Again, it’s harmful to your health. So, regular cleaning of the bathroom is essential. 

Besides, the inner side of the toilet is also needed for cleaning regularly. Therefore, to have an odor and germ-free home, a deep clean for both your toilet and washroom is a must after a fixed interval. Nowadays, expert toilet cleaners are hard to find indeed. So, to make your job easy, we “Vai Vai Cleaning” is offering you a superb bathroom cleaning service in Dhaka.

We are providing: 

  • Commode clean: 
    VaiVai Cleaning is an expert to clean both high and low commode. We use delight toilet cleaners and brushes to clean so that we can ensure professional toilet cleaning services. We also use antibacterial agents to make sure of a germ-free disinfected toilet.

  • Toilet room clean:
    From tiles wall to floor, our workers clean top to bottom of your toilet and washrooms by scrubbing the floors and walls. Soap water and cleaning agents are used to make to provide washroom deep cleaning services.



  • Cleaning sink and showers: 
    The washroom sink and shower can be messy rapidly. Showers use a filter inside them to offer you freshwater. But sometimes dirt can slow taps and showers flowing and sink’s water rinsing. We are experts to handle these by cleaning and polishing taps and showers.
  • Cleaning washroom mirror: 
    A washroom mirror is one of the most necessary things in the washroom. An unclear mirror is annoying also. We can clean your glass mirror.
  • Door and ventilator clean: 
    Washroom doors and ventilators can be very dusty. We offer you to clean them with the home toilet cleaning services.



  • Other cleanings:
    We also can clean the washroom cabinet, bathtubs, towel racks, soap holders, toilet paper holders if needed. 

Why we?

  • Time-saving:
    We are sufficiently professional in our work. Your time is valuable to us. We can finish work in a short time to ensure a clean washroom. So, if you want to have a sparkling washroom in a short time, connect to “Vai Vai cleaning.”
  • Cost Friendly: 
    We try to fix a reasonable price to make both our workers and customers happy. Toilet cleaning is enough hard work. We are enough cost-friendly than local and other toilet cleaning company.
  • Quick response: 
    Our team is quickly responsive. You just need to book your service, adjusting with your time. You will have us according to your schedule. We are offering a toilet cleaning service near you.



  • Expert cleaning: 
    We ensure proper cleaning from washroom cleaning to toilet deep cleaning services. Our workers are experts, and they work with the best quality of cleaning materials. To get a professional cleaning, you need to contact our expert washroom cleaners near you.

How to get service?

To get a sparkling clean bathroom:

  1. Contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via our phone number or the website.
  2. Choose your service.
  3. Book a schedule maintaining to your choice of time. You will have our cleaners at your door according to your schedule.

If you need to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to accept our payments. We accept almost every type of mobile banking method. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Do you use anti-germ materials?
Answer: Yes. We use antibacterial material to ensure you a germ-free sparkling toilet and bathroom, and we bring these materials with us. 

Q. How to remove odor from the bathroom and toilet?
Answer: To remove odor, you need to clean your bathroom and toilet regularly. You can use some perfume materials to remove bad odors.

Q. How often should I clean my toilet?
Answer: You should clean your toilet a minimum of once a week. You can clean more to have a cleaner toilet.


“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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