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Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

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Carpet is a thing that makes your home aesthetic. It also used for maintaining the actual thermal insulation and resistance of the floor. Especially in winter, a carpet is a must to maintain the temperature of your room’s floor. But an unclean carpet can cause various types of diseases and breathing problems. So, to prevent these problems, it is essential to clean the carpet regularly.
But washing a carpet by own is one of the tiresome and time-consuming jobs you may found. For removing all dirt and dust deeply, a professional carpet cleaning service is badly needed indeed. Therefore, Vai Vai cleaning is offering you an expert carpet cleaning service in Dhaka. We have experienced cleaners who can wash your carpet with total care. Besides, we also use the best cleaning products to clean your carpet properly. So, if you have a dusty carpet? Vai vai cleaning is here with the best carpet cleaning services near you.

Services included: 

  • Carpet cleaning:
    To ensure the proper removal of dust from your carpet, we use powerful vacuum cleaners. They can collect dust from deep on your carpet.
  • Carpet spot removing: 
    To remove the spots of your carpet, we use delight materials. We are capable of cleaning almost any type of spot on your carpet.
  • Carpet steam cleaning:
    Steam cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet. It helps to make the carpet clean from deep. It also helps to make the fabric stronger. We are assuring a delightful service of steam cleaning for your carpet.
  • Carpet Shampooing: 
    Shampooing is very useful to clean any carpet properly. It can remove stains, dirt, and other annoying stuff from the carpet. We can make proper shampoo cleaning with adequate care. We use the best materials to ensure the best service.
  • Carpet dry cleaning: 
    Most people like dry cleaning. It’s easy, and it is an effective cleaning way. Dry cleaning uses some chemical detergent to affect the dirt. The chemicals make the carpet clean. Here, we are offering professional carpet dry cleaning.

Vai Vai cleaning is providing professional carpet cleaning near you at a cheap carpet cleaning cost.

Reasons to have us?

  • Time-saving: 
    Carpet cleaning is an irritating job. A lot of care is needed to have a proper cleaning. It’s hard to manage time for carpet cleaning. Besides, local carpet cleaners are not so much experienced to do the job. Even, they aren’t conscious enough about time-saving. So, if you have a concern about your time, contact us. We will provide you quality service within a concise time.
  • Effortless: 
    If you need to clean your carpet, you need to do a lot of jobs. Even dust allergenic people can have a lot of problems cleaning a carpet. But now, if you need to clean your carpet, you need to contact “Vai Vai Cleaning”. A dusty carpet can make some breathing problems for your family. Besides, it’s very annoying to have a dusty carpet. But our cleaners are professional to clean. So, you don’t need any worry about cleaning your carpet if you have us.
  • Proper cleaning:
    Cleaning the carpet is a hard job. And allergenic people have a lot of problems cleaning a carpet. We can ensure a professional carpet cleaning service by cleaning as your desire.
  • Cost-efficient:  
    We are enough budget-friendly. You can choose any carpet cleaning service at an affordable cost. We are assuring a professional carpet cleaning cost in a friendly way.
  • Flexible services:
    You can call us anytime you want. Cleaners can work according to your desire. So, you have a way to clean as you want. 

How to get service?

If your room carpet becomes so dusty, you need to Contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via the phone number or the website. Choose the service. Book a schedule according to your choice of time. You will have our cleaners at your door according to your schedule. If you want to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to get paid. All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Can carpet cleaning chemicals make harm my carpet?
Answer: Actually, no. We use fabric-friendly products to reduce the risk of damage.

Q. Is vacuuming enough for carpet cleaning?
Answer: Vacuuming helps to clean a carpet. But some professional touches like dry clean, steam clean, shampooing are needed after some days.

“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you with the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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