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Kitchen Cleaning Service in Dhaka

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30 Scrf   1900 Taka 1399 Taka
kitchen cleaning + kitchen hood cleaning   2100 Taka 1599 Taka
One of the significant parts of a house is the kitchen. For making healthy and energetic fresh food in time, a healthy and clean kitchen is a must. As a kitchen has a lot of stuff, like kitchen hoods, kitchen exhausts, oven, stove, kitchen sink, etc., cleaning the kitchen is annoying. It’s a hard-working job also. 

Therefore, if they don’t clean your kitchen stuff regularly, they can make trouble and get damaged quickly. Besides, kitchen stuff usually become messy very quickly. The humidity of the kitchen, cooking stem, and oil make your kitchen sticky very soon. So, most of us find it hard to clean their kitchen regularly. We, “Vai Vai Cleaning,” are offering you an expert kitchen cleaning service in Dhaka.

Services We are Providing: 

  • Kitchen floor cleaning: 
    Cooking steam, oily substances, smokes make the kitchen so sticky. But a sticky floor and kitchen wall is so much irritating. Therefore, we use delight cleaning products to clean the wall and floor to ensure superb kitchen floor tiles cleaning and professional kitchen cleaning. 

  • Kitchen sink cleaning: 
    Cleaning the kitchen sink is a very irritating job. A kitchen sink needs to be cleaned deeply. We ensure a great sink clean. We also clean faucets and sink drainage. 

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning: 
    If you want to keep the kitchen free from warm wind, odors, and smoke, the kitchen exhaust is useful stuff. Almost every kitchen has it. But the exhaust is quite hard to clean cause they are placed high. But cleaning is crucial to get a frequent exhaust service. We have experts to do it. We also provide kitchen exhaust filter cleaning services to our clients.

  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning: 
    A cabinet is a perfect way to keep your kitchen materials tidy. For maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen, cabinet cleaning is essential. We ensure an expert quality of kitchen cleaning.

  • Kitchen hood cleaning: 
    If you want to keep the kitchen free from sticky substances, smoke, and steam, the kitchen hood is a must. But the kitchen hood can be messy very soon. We are ensuring a professional kitchen cleaning service with affordable kitchen hood cleaning costs

  • Other Services: 
    We don’t clean the house kitchen only. We are offering you commercial kitchen cleaning services. If you have a restaurant and conscious about a kitchen deep cleaning, “Vai Vai cleaning” is here to help you. We provide restaurant kitchen cleaning service in Dhaka, industrial kitchen cleaning, or even your office kitchen cleaning at a reasonable cost. We are experts in all kitchen stuff cleaning, especially floor, stove, oven, exhaust fan, kitchen hood.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Time-saving: 
    A lot of time is needed for kitchen cleaning. Some of the kitchen stuff is not so easy to clean also. It’s hard to manage time for deep kitchen cleaning. Besides, professional kitchen cleaners are not available so much. So, if you have a concern about time, contact us. We will give you a good service in a short time.
  • Effortless: 
    The only work you need to do to clean your kitchen is just to contact “Vai Vai Cleaning.” A healthy and clean kitchen can only provide the best and healthy food. But cleaning the kitchen is a hard job for almost all. But our cleaners are professional to do that. So, you don’t really need any tension about cleaning your kitchen if you have us. 

  • Perfect cleaning:
    Cleaning is not an easy job. You can clean anything easily but can’t clean the Kitchen hood, kitchen exhaust, sink properly. They are hard to clean. Moreover, it’s a tactical job. An inexperienced hand can cause damage to your kitchen stuff. We can ensure a perfect kitchen cleaning service by polishing your kitchen appliances. We also mope the floors, scrubbed them properly. Cleaning kitchen Window and grills cleaning are also added to the service. 

  • Budget-friendly: 
    Though kitchen cleaning is an irritating job, our workers make it with sufficient care. We try to make a budget-friendly cost to give you an affordable service. The kitchen hood and exhaust cleaners demand a lot. But we ensure a friendly kitchen hood cleaning cost attached to the full kitchen cleaning package.

  • Flexible services: 
    You can call us anytime you want. Cleaners can work according to your desire. So, you have a way to clean as you want. 

How to get service?

If your kitchen becomes messy and sticky, you just need to Contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via the phone number or the website. Choose the service. Book a schedule according to your choice of time. You will have our cleaners at your door according to your schedule. If you want to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to get paid. All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Do you clean ovens and stoves?
Answer: Yes, we clean them externally. Oven and stoves are part of the kitchen, and we clean all kitchen stuff.

Q. How much time you take to clean?
Answer: It depends on your kitchen size and appliances. If you have a big kitchen with a lot of appliances, it takes some extra time. But we try to clean as soon as possible.

Q. How often a kitchen should be cleaned deeply?
Answer: The kitchen is the busiest room of a home. It picks a lot of mess, dust, organic compounds, and sticky substances. Cleaning is significant for a kitchen. You should clean your kitchen daily as much as you can. But a deep clean is needed at least once a month. 

“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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