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Pest Control Service in Dhaka

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It’s hard to find a home without pests. Pest causes a lot of hampers. There are a lot of diseases caused by pests. Moreover, some of them can do vital damages to home appliances. Controlling them is a hard job. Most insect killers from the market are not efficient enough. Even if you can’t stop them properly, it can do more damage. 

So if you want to have the best pest control service in Dhaka, connect Vai Vai cleaning. We use useful materials to control rats and house insects. Besides, we are cost-friendly.

We Are Expert In:

  • Ant pest control: 
    Ants are creepy insects. Ant bite is so much painful and annoying. You won’t have the opportunity to keep your food safe if you live with many ants. They go almost everywhere, from Darin, dustbin to your food pot. So, they can easily spread germs, bacteria, and other diseases. They even can cut your clothes. Sometimes they can make a hole to make their home in your home appliances.
    So, ant control is very important. At first, our experts specify your ant’s spices. Then they find their colony and their way of moving. After monitoring the ants, they use delight ant killer pesticides to damage them deeply. We ensure that you won’t be troubled by ant after our service.
  • Fly and mosquito control: 
    Flies are too expert to spread disease. They have movement everywhere. Flies can raise different diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, etc. They fly around dustbins and dirt. When they come and sit on food, the germs they bring fall on your food. And that can cause any disease. Moreover, their flying sound and activities are also so much irritating.  Mosquitoes are deadly insects.
    On the previous day, we lose a lot of lives in Dhaka to mosquito. They can cause some fatal diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria. If you have these mosquito-related problems, then inform us. At first, we investigate your house; then, we specify the spices making your trouble. After detecting them, we use high-quality pesticides in your outdoor area and water area. These can help to kill both adult and the larva. You will see the result after our service.

  • Cockroach Control: 
    Cockroaches are very dangerous and annoying insects. They are everywhere. From under your bed to your kitchen, you can face its trouble. They can raise germs and diseases. 
    Moreover, they are experts to cut your clothes. They can spoil your food also. To control them, we use some expert quality of insecticide. We don’t kill the visible population only. We kill them deeply. So, if you are facing a problem with cockroaches, connect Vai Vai cleaning.

  • Bed bugs control: 
    Bed bugs are like a nightmare. These bloody insects like to drink human blood. Afterward, they can even make an allergy to your skin. Some specialist says they can make vital skin diseases. These insects are hard to find in the daylight. They use to hide in bed, sofa, or other places.
    When at night, and they find a human body, they start to come out and start biting people. To escape from these nightmares, Vai Vai cleaning is offering a professional bedbug pest control service. We use several techniques to kill them. At first, we inspect the condition; then, we apply our treatments to remove them deeply. 

  • Termite control: 
    There are many kinds of termites. But those who live in the woods the most harmful for people. Termites like to make their colony in woods. They can be harmful to the wooden furniture in your home. They cut it from deep and make their colony. 
    Besides, they can silently damage your wooden doors, windows, and other furniture. To prevent termites, Vai Vai Cleaning is assuring a delight termite control service.  

  • Rodent control: 
    There are many types of rodents in our surroundings, like rats, mice, and squirrels. There are a lot of them. But house mice can damage the most. They live in our house, and they cut clothes, furniture, and other appliances. The mice have sharp teeth to cut house stuff. They can spread several diseases. Killing the rats is hard work. But we are experts to control rodents.  

  • Others:
    Other insects also live in our homes, such as bugs, silverfish, earwig, wasp, hornet, centipede, scorpion, and spider. Some of them are very poisonous. They can bite you anytime. Some of them cause trouble for you. We also use insect killer to remove them from your sweet home.

Why choose our pest control service?

  • Proper controlling: 
    Most pest controlling service control just only visible insects. But we believe in controlling the pests. So, we try to damage their life cycle in your home. We inspect the condition. Then try to specify the pest. And after that, we take steps to kill them and control their reproduction. So we can ensure proper pest control service in Dhaka near you.

  • Cost friendly: 
    We are ensuring a cost-friendly service. We use delight materials and expert workers. But we try to make an affordable pest control price to make a friendly customer and company relation.

How to get service?

If you face problems due to insects, please contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via the phone number or the website. Choose the service. Book a schedule according to your choice of time. You will have our experts at your door according to your schedule. If you want to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to get paid. All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Do you use harmful pesticides?
Answer: All of the pesticides is somehow harmful. We try to use the less harmful but most effective products to give you the best experience.

Q. How to keep my house pest-free?
Answer: Pests like to live in a dirty place. So, regular cleaning can help you to have a pest-free home. And it’s better to take pest control service after a few days to have the best pest-free experience.

Q. How long I need to stay out after the pest control service?
Answer: Some insecticides are harmful to you. But we try to use nonpoisonous products. You don’t need to stay out for a long time after pest control. 

“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you the best pest controlling experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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