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Sofa Cleaning Service in Dhaka

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Service Regular Price Offer Price
5 Seat 1699 Taka 1199 Taka
10 Seat 2850 Taka 2350 Taka
15 Seat 4000 Taka 3500 Taka
Chair 250 TK 150 Tk
If you want to have a comfortable living room for both family and guests, the sofa is a must. It’s furniture which can make almost every kind of thing related to rest. From lying down to watching a movie, you can make everything possible with a sofa. The sofa has some essential parts. They are the body frame, cushion, and cover. 

Moreover, most of the time, we face a problem to clean a sofa. Cause, the sofa is heavy furniture, and the parts cannot be cleaned with water like other household stuff. It becomes dusty and unclean very soon. Most of the sofa uses velvet or leather cover, and they can be dirty very soon. People have problems to make them clear. Even an inexperienced hand can harm your favorite sofa. 

To ensure an expert quality of sofa cleaning, “Vai Vai Cleaning” is offering an excellent sofa cleaning service in Dhaka. We have expert workers, and they can clean with proper care. We can assure a professional sofa cleaning service near you.

Type of our services:

  • Fabric sofa cleaning:
    Fabric sofa is the most used sofa in our surroundings. They are soft, easy to clean, and cheaper than leather ones. Some of them use velvet. But a fabric sofa can have a lot of dust. It can make allergies. Besides, germs, bacteria can grow easily there. We are providing some advanced services to clean your fabric sofa. We use an advanced filter vacuum system to remove all dust and dirt deeply. Moreover, we don’t use so much moisture. All high-quality fabric sofa cleaners are used to clean.
  • Leather sofa cleaning: 
    A leather sofa is a sensitive type of furniture. Without proper care, it won’t be durable. To ensure a perfect cleaning for a leather sofa, we use advanced vacuum cleaners to make a deep clean. We use some cleaners to make your leather sofa more shiny and soft.
  • Sofa dry cleaning: 
    Dry cleaning is a very effective way to clean a sofa. Our cleaners are experts to make a dry cleaner for your sofa.
  • Sofa shampooing: 
    Shampooing is an excellent way to clean a sofa. It can clean the sofa, and it makes your sofa shinier. We don’t use so much moisture to clean your sofa. We use shampoo and a little moisture to make a perfect sofa shampooing. 

Why do you need to choose our sofa cleaning service?

  • Expert cleaners: 
    Sofa cleaning is a job for professional cleaners. A sofa is a heavy stuff. So you can’t wash it as you want. It would be best if you had some way to clean it properly. Moreover, inexperienced people can make trouble while cleaning a sofa. An extra amount of chemicals or extra rubbing can do immense damage to your sofa. So, expert cleaners are needed.
    Our cleaners are properly trained, and they are experienced. They are capable of working with almost every kind of sofa. They also know to take proper care of different kinds of sofa. So, if you are searching for some expert, experienced and professional sofa cleaner, our cleaners can make you happy.  
  • Time-saving: 
    We have proper respect for your valuable time. So we try to make our works as fast as possible. Also, local cleaners aren’t aware of your time. Therefore, we ensure proper punctuality. Our cleaners can work in a short time. They use their best to do their job. So, we can provide a time-saving sofa cleaning service in Dhaka near you.

  • Proper Care:
    Sofa cleaning is a job that demands proper attention and care. The sofa can lose it’s perfect shiny look, softness if you don’t take adequate care. Such extra rubbing or hard rubbing can make a spot on your leather sofa. The extra chemical can lose your sofa’s softness and shininess. Sofa cleaning is depending on professionalism and care. If you want to clean your sofa with proper care, you need to have us.
  • Deep cleaning: 
    A sofa should be cleaned deeply. It can raise germs, fungus, bacteria, stains, and dust. So a deep cleaning is essential to remove all of these. We are ensuring a deep cleaning service for your sofa.
  • Proper survey:
    Before starting our work, our cleaners do an accurate survey. They try to understand the condition of your sofa, the materials, fibers all these things to make a perfect way of cleaning. For this reason, you don’t need to be tensed, because they know the condition of your sofa. And they will work according to it.
  • Flexible service: 
    We are assuring excellent service flexibility. You have the opportunity to call us anytime you want, and you can book us according to your free time. So, we are giving a service of sofa cleaning at home in a flexible way.

How to get service?

If your sofa becomes so dusty, then you just contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via the phone number or the website. Choose the service. Book a schedule according to your choice of time. You will have our cleaners at your door according to your schedule. If you want to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to get paid. All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Can cleaning agents make my sofa damage?
Answer: Yes. Some cleaners can make your sofa damage. But we don’t use harmful products. Even we try to use less amount of chemicals.

Q. Can you disinfect the sofa?
Answer: Yes, we do it. We use some agents that can kill the germs and bacterias. So, we disinfect the sofa.

Q. How about the cost?
Answer: It depends on your sofa size. A small sofa is easy enough to clean than a big one. So, we try to fix the cost according to the size.

“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you with the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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