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Services Regular Price Offer Price
With Instruments 25 Taka/per sqrt 20 Taka /pre sqrt
Without Instruments 6 Taka/per sqrt 5 Taka / per sqrt

Nothing is more effective than painting to get an aesthetic look on your room’s wall and home interior. It ensures an artistic touch on the wall of your house. Besides, a perfect painting helps to reduce dust at home. Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful home. To make your home more artistic, you have to choose an excellent painting quality for your interior for the total painting service in Dhaka.

A perfect and professional painting touch can ensure a real artistic feel. Painting seems like an easy job to do. Actually, it’s hard enough without sufficient experience. You can paint on your own. But to get a finished and gorgeous look, you need professionals.
Moreover, inexperienced people can make a waste of color and your money. Finishing is also the work of experienced people. “Vai Vai Cleaning” provides a delightful total painting service in Dhaka.

Type of Paintings We Provide: 

  • House painting:
    If you want to keep your walls free from dust and algae, painting is essential. Painting after some days makes your wall plaster more durable. We are offering professional house painting with expert home painting services. 
    Our workers are sufficiently experienced, and we use branded painting materials to ensure you a beautiful and long-lasting house painting. Moreover, we charge a very affordable house painting cost.

  • Outdoor Painting:  
    The outside wall becomes dirty very soon. Rain and dust can harm your outer wall without a proper painting. Therefore, a durable painting can help you to protect your wall for a long time. Vai Vai Cleaning is offering a superb service of house painting outside
    Experienced workers can work with proper safety with full care. We use the delight quality of painting to ensure you a durable and protective painting. And you can find the reasonable exterior house painting cost from us. 

  • Interior painting: 
    If you don’t need a full house painting, you can only get an interior painting service. We are offering a superb interior painting. Moreover, we ensure proper care of your interior and furniture. You haven’t any risk of spot paint on your furniture. We are assuring you of an affordable interior painting cost.

  • Commercial Painting:
    Have a commercial building or an office? Or a large residential building, and you are conscious about painting it. Vai Vai Cleaning is offering a superb commercial painting service. 
    We have experienced painters, and they are capable of working in all conditions. They use enough safety equipment to ensure safety. They use branded painting materials to ensure you a better service than local painters. We are providing reasonable cost than commercial painting companies.

Why we?

  • Professional painting:
    Painting seems an easy job. But it’s hard enough to do. Painters need to understand wall conditions; they should have enough experience in mixing paints. Also, they should have known to use advanced materials to paint. All of our painters are enough experienced, and they have all qualifications that a painter should have. So, we can ensure a professional total painting service in Dhaka.

  • High-quality materials: 
    To provide a durable and superb quality of painting, using high-quality material is essential. These materials are a little valuable than regular products, but only they can ensure a long-lasting painting and extreme finishing. We use high-quality materials to assure you of the best painting experience. You also can suggest your favorite paint brand for painting your home.   

  • Proper covering: 
    Covering is a must for interior painting. Otherwise, paint can harm your home appliances and furniture. We ensure proper coverage to protect your appliances from sprinkling paint. So, you won’t have any risk of an unexpected drop of paint on your appliances. 

  • Proper cleaning: 
    As painters need to clean the wall before painting, cleaning is a significant thing in painting. It helps to apply the color easily. Besides, cleaning after the painting is also needed. Otherwise, your home can be so messy by sprinkling paints. Our workers ensure proper cleaning both before and after cleaning. So, you don’t need to take pain for cleaning.

  • Time-saving: 
    We are assuring a quick painting service. Professional workers can do their work in a short range of time. They are sufficiently experienced in using advanced materials that help to work fast. We ensure professional total painting service in Dhaka within a short time. 

  • Flexibility: 
    In our service, you can have the flexibility to work as you like. Our workers can work with/ without your instruction. You can choose your color brands and way of coloring that’s appropriately flexible.

  • Cost friendly: 
    We are assuring an affordable cost for all types of painting services. From residential painting to commercial painting, you will find a reasonable fee in every service. 

  • Covid safety: 
    We monetize our worker’s health condition. Their temperature and health condition will be measured before going to your home. They will use proper safety materials to keep you safe. 

How to get service?

If you have an old painting, or if you want to apply for a new one, contact “Vai Vai Cleaning” via our phone number or the website. Choose the service you want. Book a schedule according to your choice of time. You can fix your schedule at a flexible time. You will have our painters at your door according to your schedule. If you want to cancel your schedule, inform us before. 

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to get paid. All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Do I need to buy paints?
Answer: No. You don’t need to buy it yourself. You have the flexibility to choose the brand you like. We will bring paints according to your desire. 

Q. Will, you provide furniture safety?
Answer: Yes. We provide the best safety for your furniture. Therefore, we use proper covering to make your furniture secure. There’s no chance of unexpected color.

Q. What will you do if I have dumped it on the wall?
Answer: We will repair the dump if you want. After dump repairing, we will paint the wall. But a dump free wall is expected to ensure you a long-lasting service.

Q. How much time is needed?
Answer: It depends on your wall condition and painting area size. If you have a small house with a non-dumped wall, it’ll take a short time to paint. But if you have a big house with a dumped wall. It will take a lot of time to paint.        

Q. Is the inspection needed?
Answer: Yes. Our team needs to inspect your wall condition. After checking your wall condition, we will inform you what to do. A slight inspection charge is required to pay. Without an inspection, it’s hard to understand your wall condition properly. Sometimes we need to repair dumps on your wall. So, a check is necessary.

Q. What’s the lifetime of the painting?
Answer: It depends on your wall condition and the paint brand. A dumped wall usually holds paints for a short time. Regular paints can also cause a short time durability. But if you use delight painting materials, it can last about 4 to 5 years easily.  

“Vai Vai Cleaning” wants to provide you the best painting experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation. 

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