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Water Tank & Septic Tank Cleaning Service in Dhaka

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Services Regular Price Offer Price
Water Tank 5000 Taka 4500 Taka
Safety Tank 12 Taka/sqrt 10 Taka/sqrt
Are you getting dirt in the water? Or your water smells bad? It can happen due to dirt in your water tank. Water contains various kinds of dirt, debris, and sludge. When you keep water in the tank, the sedimentation process starts. Then dirt starts to drop down of your tank and pipeline. That causes dirty water. It also contains various germs, and sometimes it can raise water insects. 

Afterward, sometimes you feel a bad odor in your toilet even after cleaning your commode. A loaded septic tank is a reason for this odor. Sometimes it can make deadly gases that can harm humans. It can cause a blast also. To solve those problems, “Vai Vai Cleaning” offers you a professional water tank & septic tank cleaning service in Dhaka.

Service Include (Water Tank):

  • Dirt removes:
    Dirt, sludge, and debris of water are sediment under the water. We ensure to clean them properly with the safe disposal of waste.

  • Tank body clear: 
    The tank body can be very slippery and dirty if it won’t clean regularly. It can cause various problems. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for bacteria and germs. The whole tank wall will be cleaned and scrubbed with antibacterial agents. A clean tank can help you to have a healthy and germ-free water flow. So regular cleaning of the water tank is a must.
    Otherwise, you can get germy water, with bad smell and water insects. We are capable of working quickly, and we don’t waste a lot of water to clean. “Vai Vai” Cleaning is offering superb water tank cleaning services in Dhaka.

Necessaries of cleaning water tank:

  • It can help you o get a fluent water flow.
  • You will have germ and bacteria-free water.
  • It reduces water-related diseases.
  • Cleaning It helps you to have clear water.
  • It makes your plumbing system more durable.

Service Includes (Septic Tank):

  • Cleaning dirt: 
    Septic tank is for human waste. Regular cleaning is essential for having a trouble-free experience. Our cleaners will clean the tank with the safe disposal of waste.
  • Using chemicals: 
    We use different chemicals to remove harmful gases and germs while cleaning. If you don’t clean your septic tank regularly, it can explode with some poisonous gas. Moreover, leakage of human waste or bad odor takes place in toilets, which are very irritating. Vai Vai Cleaning is providing expert septic tank cleaning in Dhaka.

Necessaries of cleaning septic tank:

  • Removes bad odor.
  • Reduce the risk of explosion.
  • Your commode will drain the dirt easily.
  • Make your environment free from bad smells.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your septic tank and water tank size. But we can assure you an affordable water tank cleaning price than other water tank cleaning companies.

How to get service?

If you have trouble with your water tank and septic tank, connect “Vai Vai Cleaning” instantly. You can book a schedule via phone number or website. Our cleaners will knock on your door as your schedule. Inform us before if you want to cancel your schedule.

How to pay?

All type of mobile banking method is acceptable. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. 


Q. Do I need to empty my tank?
Answer: If you have an empty tank. That would be better for us. But if your tank is full, we can remove water to clean your tank.

Q. How much time I need to wait for using my tank after cleaning? 
Answer: You don’t need so much time to use your tank after cleaning. You can use it right after cleaning. But if you let the tank, it can perform better.

“Vai Vai cleaning” wants to provide you the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation.

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